Nano Brows$650

The latest in permanent makeup! Combining techniques and using the latest technology, nano brows have taken over the industry. This technique creates the most natural looking brow, bringing the realism to new heights. Pairing hair strokes with Magic shadow breathes new life into the brows. Since this technique is bloodless, it has the longest retention and creates zero scar tissue. Nano brows are ideal for every client no matter if there’s sparse hair, mid-range, or incredibly thick brow hair. Lasts anywhere from 3years plus!

Magic Shadow$500

Magic Shadow or Ombré Brows consist of micro-dots or pixels that offer a soft, flawless look. The final effect resembles the ombré powdered look. Unlike any other powdering technique, this is also bloodless and offers long lasting results (up to 3 years). Learn which technique is best for you during your consultation.

HDi Brow Removal$200

Our unique removal system uses a formula that targets pigment beneath the skin to removal it safety. This is the ideal service if you have previous permanent makeup or microblading that you’d like corrected or reworked, but is too dark to be worked overtop.

Ombre Powder Brow$650

Nano Brow Touch Up$150

(must be within 4-6weeks)

Magic Shadow Touch Up$150+

Brow Lamination$75

Velvet Eyeliner$400

Lip Blushing$500

Lamination & Tint$110

Brow lamination is ideal for creating a fuller, bolder brow shape without permanent makeup. The brow hair is realigned achieving uniformed volume. The formula we use contains contains liquid keratin which deposits a protective layer, which also stimulates brow growth. The application process takes 30-45mins and lasts up to 2months.